Pogo ‘What I Likes’ – Song of the Day 29th July 2013

The ultimate sample-man Pogo has just released his latest offering from the Disney archives. Pogo considers himself as a true musical craftsman – just read this excerpt from his BLOG…

Spoke with Addictive TV last week. Seems we both have copycats. I’ve seen many agencies now try to copy what it is we do, but their failure is always in the assumption that it’s a formula to be mimicked and not an artwork that in fact took many weeks of craft and musical composition. The result of that assumption is generally nothing more than a messy, meaningless edit with neither soul nor sense that was probably formulated by 20 board members in an afternoon.

Sheesh – somebody likes their own stuff. A lot.

‘What I Likes’ by Pogo – Sounds taken from Mary Poppins

‘Wishery’ by Pogo – Sounds taken from Snow White

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